Be Insightful or Be Biased

There’s a lot happening inside the systems and applications
that your business relies on.
SREnity collects critical insights from your toolchain
so issues can be analyzed before your customers find them.

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Increase Observability in Few Steps

SREnity comes with pre-configured plugins and built-in probes. Connect SREnity plugins to your cloud environment and it will automatically detect if there is anything wrong with your setup. SREnity helps SREs to:

Integrate Everywhere

Connect with your cloud environment from IaaS platforms to any SaaS with built-in plugins.

Stay Secure
Stay Secure

Perform automatic audit and health checks of your infrastructure and systems using built-in queries.

Reduce Downtime

Predict issues before they happen by planting triggers in your setup and getting early alerts.

Improve Performance
Improve Performance

Increase performance of your team or machines by identifying patterns that hint to weakly configured staff workflows or system integrations.

Save Money
Save Money

Optimize your company’s OPEX by identifying redundant resources that are not utilized but drain your IT backbone budget.


Be a step ahead of your competitors by avoiding alert noise and focusing only on what matters.

How SREnity Works

SREnity works out of box with minimal configuration required!

  • ACCOUNT - SREnity asks only for basic information. No credit card required.
  • ASSISTANT - A built-in assistant will provide hints if you are missing important plugins.
  • PLUGIN - Activate any of the built-in plugins and get connected with your cloud environments. All you need is an API token and a little configuration and your plugin will be set up and ready to go.
  • PROBES - Each plugin has associated read-only probes (queries). SREnity sends these probes to explore your cloud setups. Probes collect insights and return to you if anything noteworthy is happening.
  • SCANS - SREnity sends probes via a process called “scanning”. Scans are run automatically on a daily basis or as soon as you add another plugin. You can also trigger them manually.
  • NOTIFICATIONS - Scan results are communicated back to the user as “notifications”. Only the notifications that match with your interests and probe criterias are presented to you. No more alert noise and blinking red dots, scaring everyone unnecessarily.
  • COMPLIANCE - We are compliant with data and user privacy standards. Additionally, probes can only access APIs in “read-only” mode and only at a level permitted by your own API token. Therefore, SREnity is inherently a low-impact SaaS, leaving your security concerns behind.

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SREnity works with all of your favorite DevOps tools.

These are just a few of the popular DevOps tools that can be plugged-in to SREnity.

Amazon Webservices
Data Dog
Team City
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
New Relic

Always Improving

Currently you can use only-built in probes to check your cloud environment’s health. We want SREnity to be as useful for you as possible, but the only way we can get there is if you sign up and share your feedback with us!

Please keep in mind that this is an early version of the tool without all the polish you might be used to seeing from a completed product. We are working hard to improve both the functionality and the UI/UX with help from users like you. Email Us Your Feedback.

Minimal setup - maximum productivity

Keep your cloud environment healthy with SREnity

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